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FAOC-SC/APC/SM es el conector de fibra óptica más utilizado en FTTx que
no necesita epoxi o pulido. Permite la instalación rápida en el cliente.
Aplicable en cable de 250 #m, 900 #m; o cables de 3,0 mm y 1,6 mm x 2,0mm, 2,0 mm x 3,0 mm.

Ficha técnica

Cable Cleaning Tissue

Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes

When dampened with the connector or fiber cleaning fluid, each wipe will provide the convenient “wet-dry” end -face or fiber cleaning which has been shown to deliver improved results.

Ficha técnica

Acces Tool - Minibundle (OFAT)

The Optical Fiber Access Tool is designed to split a buffer tube to expose the fibers inside without damaging them. The resulting buffer tube halves can be easily removed with scissors.

Ficha técnica

Marking rings, labelled, 300 pcs. per number

Termination tool


- For connecting the wires

- Cutting device with lock for optional cutting of excess wire length

- Extraction hook for removing connected wires

Termination tool


This termination tool can be used for all IDC distribution panels.